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Getting started with Docker Compose

How to use Docker Compose with Traefik reverse proxy to manage dependencies in your projects.

Posted: 26th October 2020


Why Google Wants to Break Adblock

Google plans to remove support for an API which gives extensions such as Adblock and uBlock Origin full-control over which content is loaded in your browser. Here's why it might be a good idea.

Posted: 28th January 2019

35 YouTube Channels I Love

I spend a lot of time watching YouTube, but finding good quality content can be hard. This is a list of my favourite YouTube channels which I think you should be watching too.

Posted: 7th January 2019


Better task scheduling in Umbraco

ScheduledTasks are an antiquated way of handling scheduling events in .NET. Here's three better solutions you should be considering instead.

Posted: 1st June 2017

The best Umbraco packages of 2017

Discover some of the best Umbraco packages which can help you build Umbraco websites.

Posted: 2nd March 2017

Determining the length in seconds of a folder of MP3 files using NodeJS

NodeJS is a great quick and easy tool which allows you to quickly hack together any script which can save you time. In this post I show how I used Node to get the length in seconds of a bunch of MP3 files in the folder.

Posted: 8th January 2017

Umbraco Review 2017. Developing Websites With Umbraco

For three years I have been using Umbraco as my Content Management System (CMS) for developing websites. This is a review of what’s good, and what could do with improvement within the Umbraco CMS.

Posted: 2nd January 2017


Understanding Threads and Static Classes in C#

Writing static classes can cause problems if thread safety isn"t properly considered. In a program I helped write, some surprising results occured which could have easily been avoided by ensuring my properties weren"t getting shared between threads. Read on to find out what I learned...

Posted: 26th October 2016

Potentially useful programs for the budding computerphile

There are many programs I use in day to day life to help speed up or complement my workflow. Here are a few of the nicher ones which you may not have heard of.

Posted: 25th September 2016

Making Umbraco Nodes with the Models Builder

In my latest Umbraco website built I have been getting friendly with the new Models Builder that is included by default. In this post I show how the Models Builder can be used with the Content Service to create new Umbraco nodes programmatically.

Posted: 20th March 2016

How to render MVC emails with CSHTML

Tired of using string formatting to create emails in your code? Read here to find out about how to build HTML emails using MVC, Razor and CSHTML.

Posted: 6th February 2016

Caching Umbraco web API controllers

Caching improves load time for everyone. Here I explain how easily make caching work with Web API controllers.

Posted: 26th January 2016

Installing IISNode for production

Developing Node.js applications on Windows is easy, but getting them setup for production can be a little more difficult. Read this post to discover how to set up IISNode in Windows and get a Node application running within IIS.

Posted: 25th January 2016