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I'm a web developer specialising in Umbraco CMS at GrowCreate. Based in Oxford.

What I can do


HTML5, CSS3, JS, responsive design


ASP.NET with C#, MVC, NodeJS

Server setup

Windows Server, MS SQL, DNS


Umbraco CMS, Git, Vim, Visual Studio

My latest blog posts

Better task scheduling in Umbraco

ScheduledTasks are an antiquated way of handling scheduling events in .NET. Here's three better solutions you should be considering instead.

Posted: 1st June 2017

The best Umbraco packages of 2017

Discover some of the best Umbraco packages which can help you build Umbraco websites.

Posted: 2nd March 2017

Determining the length in seconds of a folder of MP3 files using NodeJS

NodeJS is a great quick and easy tool which allows you to quickly hack together any script which can save you time. In this post I show how I used Node to get the length in seconds of a bunch of MP3 files in the folder.

Posted: 8th January 2017