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Posted: 7th January 2019

Trying find good quality content can be pretty hit or miss on YouTube. Most of the good YouTubers get drowned out by sensationalist one-hit mainstream videos. Sadly, the platform doesn't do a very good job of promoting new and upcoming channels.

Below I have compiled a list of channels which I actively follow and avidly wait for new content from. I have put a suggested video with some of the channels so you can see if you like them, right here. I hope you find it useful.

The Channels

I've loosely bundled together all of my most watched channels into some categories.

Somewhat educational

Most of the videos I watch are somewhat educational by nature. I like the feeling coming away from a video thinking I've learned something, rather than just watching funny trash.

Tom Scott

By far one of my favourite YouTubers. One of his best series is Amazing Places.

Listening for Nuclear Tests at the Top of the World


Austin McConnell is a filmmaker who creates high quality videos on on particular subject.

Why Do Reporters Talk Like That?

Matt D'Avella

Matt D'Avella is a filmmaker. His YouTube channels features crisp, well crafted videos that attempt to advertise the benefits of being a minimalist in everyday life.

A Day in the Life of a Minimalist

Sterling Grinnell

Sterling was recently popularised by Matt D'Avella by a fantastic video which copies Matt's video style. Sterling is still young but the quality of his videos is already very high.

How To Make Craft Coffee: An in depth look at brewing with the Hario V60

Second Thought

An animated channel which mostly considers "what would happen if" scenarios.

What if Someone Tries to Claim a Planet?


Another animated channel similar to Second Thought.

Kim Jong-Un's New Strategy: Explained

CPG Grey

A fun animated channel. The videos are somewhat sciency.

7 Ways to Maximize Misery 😞


Tapakapa is essentially an Austrian version of CPG Grey - the videos are done in a similar animated style and they cover similar topics.

Sealand - The Country That Doesn't Exist


Marques Brownlee

MKBHD makes super high quality videos on up and coming tech. Half of the reason I watch him is because the quality of his filmography is top notch. He's known for reviewing smart phones, I recommend watching his review on a smart phone before you buy it.

Dope Tech: Camera Robots!

Linus Tech Tips

LTT releases plenty of videos almost daily. They cover anything from building computers with hardware to reviewing cheap Amazon steals.

He feels a bit like he's a shill (as in he's getting paid to say good things about certain products), but for the most part it's a great channel.

$69 Gaming PC


A spin off from Linus Tech Tips, TechLinked releases 3 videos a week which briefly explain what new things have happened with tech.

Apple's Reign is OVER!



Bloomberg is a well known news outlet. They mostly focus on market and business news.

How a $5k Luxury Leather Jacket is Made


Vox features a mishmash of content, which is probably aimed at younger more liberal audiences.

Why Cuban cab drivers earn more than doctors


A very new channel with a simple animated art style. They have mostly been attempting to explain what going on with Brexit in an easy to digest way. They're also experimenting in creating a "This Week In Parliament" series where they explain the latest going-ons in the British parliament.

Will the UK Cancel Brexit? - Brexit Explained


Two Cents

This channel helps explain the everyday economics of life in a simple way.

How Cars Keep You POOR!


CrashCourse has a number of different series where they quickly explain subjects such as economics, history, psychology and many more.


Middle 8

A fairly new channel which covers mostly newer music artists in details.

MGMT and their Little Dark Age

Video games


UpIsNotJump used to mostly focus on recreating scenes from popular TV using a video game such as Fallout... I have to say I'm not a fan.

But recently his channel has taken a turn and he's recently been making a series where he explains, with plenty of funny jokes, why a specific game is good or bad in VR.

I can safely say that his videos are one of the big reasons why I want to get into VR.

Fallout 4 VR Is An Absolute Nightmare – This Is Why


SovietWomble creates compilations of him making jokes and otherwise having fun with his friends in a variety of multiplayer games.

Random Pavlov Bullshittery (Counterstrike in Virtual Reality)


Abroad In Japan

Since I was young I had wanted to travel to Japan. In 2018 I finally got the chance and I wanted to find out about Japan and I came across Abroad In Japan. This channel features a British guy, making rubbish (British) jokes, while explaining his experiences of living in Japan.


Monkey Abroad

Monkey Abroad makes a very good series where he shows how cheap you can travel abroad - for just $20 a day he'll shows what's possible.

Hanoi, Vietnam: Traveling for $20 A Day - Ep 13



Kurzgesagt always makes super high quality, beautifully animated videos. They don't release very regularly but I'm always looking forward to their next video.

Their videos also have a strong chance of giving you existential dread.

The Fermi Paradox — Where Are All The Aliens? (1/2)


Vsauce is likely the most popular science based YouTube channel.

It covers science in a pretty simple way which I feel that anyone can understand. The science has perhaps been dumbed down a little bit and it also he tends to go on these crazy tangents which aren't directly related to the topic of the video.

For example, in the video below (called "What If Everyone JUMPED At Once?"), the video also covers what "decimated" means and what "Dunbar's Number" is (nothing to do with jumping). However, the videos are very entertaining.

Vsauce also does this weird thing where, between cuts of the video, he sort of springs upwards. It's easy to ignore at the start but I notice it every time now.

What If Everyone JUMPED At Once?


Veritasium is a lot like Vsauce in the topics which he covers, except I feel like his approach is more aimed at properly teaching science.

In a number of his videos, he will explain an idea by first asking the general public what they think the answer is. He's done research showing that videos which just explain what something is don't tend to teach us anything. By showing telling us what other people might answer, then telling us the correct answer, apparently it helps us retain the lesson learned.

How Much Information?


Minutephysics has a cool hand drawn art style which is used to explain physics.

It's worth noting that the videos are rarely a minute long.

Why is the Solar System Flat?


MinuteEarth is a lot like minutephysics but it covers topics such as biology and geography.

Why Bird Penises Are So Weird


Numberphile is pretty nerdy. It mostly features maths professors talking about maths while scribbling on a bit of paper.

My favourite video is the one below, where a (crazy enthusiastic) man has klein bottles hand made and stored in boxes under his house. The space under his house is quite small, so he built a cute little robot which can grab the boxes for him.

The man with 1,000 Klein Bottles UNDER his house - Numberphile


Devin Crawford

Devin Crawford is an enthusiastic programmer who's at uni. He records himself building his projects.

DIY LED Music Visualizer | Real-Time Animations (Arduino)


LiveOverflow makes videos about programming and hacking.

How do SIM Cards work? - SIMtrace



ForNine is unlike most motorbiking channels on YouTube, where it's just some douche riding his bike around, or they're just trying to sell you something with a vaguely educational video...

FortNine makes cinematic videos which tell tale about a bike. Production value of the videos is pretty high and they try pretty hard to make each video feel new.

$400 Motorcycle - 400km Adventure

Existential crisis


Exurb1a creates videos which appear to be designed to give existential dread.

The creator also has a channel called exurb2a which features content which doesn't quite fit with the main channel.


Film study

Every Frame a Painting

Every Frame A Painting covers cinematic techniques which are used in movies. Since watching this channel, I find myself looking more at how a scene is filmed. For example, the video below explains how movies make use of single takes. I've really begun to notice when movies are using single takes, such as in Children of Men which for me, is a pretty iconic movie.

The Spielberg Oner

Now You See It

Now You See It is a lot like Every Frame A Painting, it's worth checking them both out.

What Long Takes Can't Do


Language Transfer

I've used this free language training course to help me learn German, and I have to say that the style of teaching is very good for those of us who hate memorising languages. I strongly recommend Language Transfer for anyone who wants to start learning a new language.

Complete German, Track 01 - Language Transfer, The Thinking Method



Apandah makes videos are purely post modern trash. Viewer discretion is advised.

uganda knuckles


More random trash.

[SFM] Berdst friend

Have something to say?

I hope you found this list of videos somewhat helpful.

If you have a list of videos you want to share, or a specific channel you're really into, please share it below!

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