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Hi. I'm a web developer. I'm from England but I'm currently living in Germany.

I prefer backend development and I'm experienced with C# and Node.js backends. I've built microservices, orchestrated by Kubernetes, but I also have experience with older style MVC applications.

I can also do frontend development with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I have experience with frameworks/libraries such as React and Angular.

I have integrated some websites with ElasticSearch.

Say that again, but without the jargon

Basically, I can build websites. I prefer building the hidden logic rather than the user interface (less design, more logic).

Need to see more?

Take a look at some of the projects I have worked on. If you're techy and you want to see code, then look at my GitHub profile - you can even see the source for this website.


I'm a bit of a nerd, and I love open source code. Whenever I'm working, and pretty much when there's a moment of silence, I like to listen to music - anything with a guitar and an indie feel I'll like.

I like motorbiking. I like traveling. Ideally I try to combine these things together.