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Umbraco Helper Extension toolbar button

What is this?

Umbraco Helper Extension is a browser extension I made for Firefox and Chrome.

The aim of the extension is to speed up Umbraco CMS development. There's a couple of main features:

Open /umbraco/

When I was working on Umbraco websites all day, I would repeatably need to navigate to the /umbraco/ url of the current website.

This extension does that with a single click of the button.

Umbraco is CMS which allows you to edit pages. You can search in the Umbraco content tree to try to find the current page in it but this can be a pain if the page is hidden deep in the structure.

Double clicking on the extension's button will open up the current page in Umbraco, ready to be edited.

More reasons why I built this

There's already a few other extensions which do the similar things, but none others currently work on Firefox (as they were deprecated when the old extension API was deprecated and only the newer WebExtensions API works).

No other extensions also have the ability to navigate to the current page in Umbraco.