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What is the purpose of this website?

I guess the primary reason this website is to show that I exist. It allows me to show off what I've done with the projects page or to post my thoughts and advice on topics with the blog.


This site was one of my first experiments in creating something with Node.js. At first I was sceptical about using an ordinarily front end language for the back end since that language is so loosely typed, but I have had a great time using the technology. Since it's been built from the ground up with no large CMS backend, the site runs very fast, and I can control every aspect of it.



The website is always underwork. I'm hardly a designer so trying to get it to look good is always a struggle.


1st of June, 2016


19th of May, 2017

The content on the homepage was moved to the an about page.


21st December, 2018

I always hated having my picture in the aside along with the rubbish background picture. Although this makes it look a bit less personal, it certainly looks more professional.

Also, the website always looked awful on 4k monitors before this update as the content would just stretch on forever.


2nd February, 2018

I added some projects to the homepage and a bit more text.